My Priorities

I am running to serve Conejo Valley by ensuring strong Fire Prevention programs, protecting our natural environment and enhancing equitable access to our greatest resources. I fully support the Conejo Recreation and Park District’s long standing mission: “To enrich the quality of life for our community by preserving and enhancing recreational opportunities, parks and open space.”

Fire Prevention/ Emergency Help



Recreation and Park Programs

Fire Prevention/ Emergency Help

Continue the priority of necessary brush clearance and reduce the danger to our neighborhoods while maintaining our community’s natural beauty.

Maintain evacuation centers. This resource has been invaluable, and I look forward to seeing how we can improve and build upon being an institution the community turns to in both good times and in our moments of greatest need.


The stunning natural setting and open space surrounding Conejo Valley are primary reasons people move here from other parts of California and other states.

Protecting these areas from the harm that humans can create is important to me. Educating our residents from young to old on how to protect our open space, waterways and hiking trails from pollution is key to preserving this natural treasure.

Continue and expand water conservation through drought-tolerant landscapes where possible and modern irrigation systems.

I look forward to finding even more opportunities to expand our awareness of the impact of our activities and what everyone can do to protect and conserve our open space including understanding invasive weeds and dangerous erosion to other harmful man made dangers to natural wildlife.


All residents should enjoy the restorative effects of our natural surroundings with ease.

Conejo Valley Recreation and Park District programs, facilities and trails are for all residents. It is imperative to maintain trails and hiking safety for all, allowing outdoor experiences for the weekend visitor, local school field trips exploring Wildwood, and the avid nature enthusiasts.

Maintaining Park grounds and water pipes are necessary for those thirsty children on the playground and senior citizens walking for exercise. We want all our residents to enjoy our open spaces and neighborhood parks.

Dreamcatcher Park and Los Robles Trail are wonderful examples of how we can continue to ensure we are planning spaces that consider all ability levels.

As residential living shifts to larger density along the Thousand Oaks Boulevard corridor, there must be enough accessible parks for children and adults in those areas.

Recreation and Park Programs

There are hundreds of programs around the community for children and adults of all ages. The Teen Center and the Goebel Senior Center both provide socialization for specific age groups. Classes at the recreation facilities are year-round.

I look forward to improving accessibility for working parents and residents of Conejo Valley and functionality of our technology and processes for the recreation programs.

Conejo Recreation and Park District Critical Partnerships

Safe Passage Youth Foundation

McCrea Ranch

Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency

Senior Concerns

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